Digital Signage Using the Google Nexus Player

How To Get Started?

Digital Signage Is Easy With Google Nexus Player!

Buy a $99 Google Nexus Player & Set It Up On Your Television!

The Google Nexus Player can be easily purchased online and delivered straight to your business.

Open up your Nexus Player and connect it to your television and local network. The process is simple and the instructions are provided with the device.

Create Your Account With SignSimple and Make Digital Signage!

Create your free account and get started today!

Make Signs & Shows using our easy to customize templates. Fill in the blanks, upload photos, edit text, and your signage is ready to go!

An Actual Show Created using SignSimpl!

Launch Your Digital Signage

Launch your signage to your Google Chromecast. Buy unlimited devices, make unlimited signage, and launch it everywhere you can!

It is that easy!

An Actual Show Created using SignSimpl!

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