A Brand account is designed for companies that want to maintain centralized control over the look and feel of digital signage, but need to provide flexbility to the end users to create customized signage for their needs. For example, a Franchisor wants to maintain brand standards but wants to provide flexibility for franchisees to create custom signage for their business.

SignSimple will work with the Brand to create marketing assets and digital signage templates that the end user (franchisees) can utilize. The amount of customization available to the end user depends on how much control the brand chooses to provide to the franchisees. For example a restaurant may have a menu with specific look, however, the end user can easily customize the order of the items and the pricing. The end result is uniform brand standards while enabling store level customizations.

Benefits to Brand

1. Complete control over Digital Signage look and feel.

2. Eliminate need to review every change franchisees make.

3. Make periodic updates and update all existing signage easily.

4. Ability to monitor and audit end user signage content.

5. Completely outsourced solution to reduce corporate workload.

If you are a Brand and want to learn more about how SignSimple can support you and your franchisees please reach out to

Current Brand Customers

Benefits to SignSimple User

1. Brand Approved Content Ready to Use

2. Very fast and flexible signage customization.

3. No corporate marketing approval requirements.

4. Optional Set and Forget marketing from Corporate.

5. Inexpensive, Flexible, and Simple.

If you are a franchisee and want to learn more about how SignSimple can support you and your brand please reach out to

Email to request a phone call to discuss and learn more.
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